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Yoba’s First Post!

Posted on: August 25, 2010

Blogging. Something that I am not very good at, but will try my best to engage everyone on the progress of Yoba Frozen Yogurt! By the way my name is Will and I love frozen yogurt!

Now, how did we come up with this idea? Why are we doing it? Are we crazy? Yes, Yes, and YES!! Frozen Yogurt first appeared on my radar screen back in 2007 when I made a visit to beautiful San Diego, California. (By the way, probably the best city to live ever!) During the trip we went to Yogurt World on Convoy St, home of everything young Asian kids love, and had my first bite of frozen yogurt. It was delicious. That brought me to a dangerous but healthy path of fro-yo addiction. This was the beginning of the frozen yogurt craze, Pinkberry, Red Mango, YogurtLand, were just a few of the frozen yogurt stores popping up all over California. I came home to Dayton, Ohio that summer and realized there was an empty market here in the Midwest which isn’t fair, because people in the Midwest love food just as much as people in California or New York. It was then, I told myself that frozen yogurt needed to be introduced to the market and if I couldn’t do it, somebody had to!

Well, at the time I couldn’t do it. I was in my junior year of college finishing up my chemistry degree and had some real life aspirations, like staying in school for the rest of my life to add acronyms after my name and really just putting off being a responsible adult as long as possible. Turns out I graduated, went to graduate school and being a responsible adult came to fruition a little bit quicker than I thought. That was when I looked around the Dayton market and noticed there was still no frozen yogurt store!! How could this be, I thought to myself while shaking my fist in the air (Just imagine me doing this). That’s when I decided to go for it, to open my own business, be my own boss, and finally introduce frozen yogurt to the Dayton market.

I contacted Steiner + Associates, landlords of the Greene Town Center in March of 2010 and we began informal discussions on a lease arrangement. Long story short these informal discussions eventually became very formal and we officially signed the lease in July of 2010.  Currently it is the end of August and we are working frantically to get open before Thanksgiving. We have had several design meetings with m+a architects and Sullivan builders and we are extremely excited for our store design. However with the complex designs as well as getting building permits through Greene County, it will not be until November, 2010 that we open. Final designs of the store should be executed next week along with plumbing and electrician drafts.

Now a little bit about the principles of Yoba Frozen Yogurt:

Will: That’s me! I love frozen yogurt and will work hard to provide delicious frozen yogurt at the Greene Town Center.

Duy: My friend and partner in crime. He also shares my love for frozen yogurt and is excited to part of this business venture.

Kefu: My father. He does not share my love for frozen yogurt. In fact, he’s never had any. But, he knows a good idea when he sees one, and with his keen business sense he is an extremely important member of the team.

Thanks everyone and keep on checking up on this blog for incredible writing quality and the latest Yoba Frozen Yogurt info!

Yoba ‘Just Enjoy


3 Responses to "Yoba’s First Post!"

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Hey Will,

Congratulations on actually making this happen! Steven and I had an idea for Yoba: Put your pharmaceutical skills to work and offer medicated froyo (ground-up medicine?). For example: Sore muscles? Try a cup of ibuprofen-strawberry. Date going well? Get the Viagra-Eurotart.

More realistically (and legally), you should look into the boba they have in Taiwan, specifically the pearls made of cane sugar. They’re so much better than anything I’ve had in the US.

Can’t wait to visit! 🙂


Hey Joel!

Thanks for the comment. I think that Viagra-Eurotart flavor will definitely be a hit among the older customers.

You know, I read your blog when you referred to the boba made from cane sugar and start doing some research. Nothing, nada, can’t find the pearls made with cane sugar. I think it might be a Taiwanese thing and that just what makes their boba drinks that much better.

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