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Let’s Begin

Posted on: September 10, 2010

To be honest, I had a little writer’s block when trying to start this particular post. After starting over several times, I think it’s best if I use this blog to both advertise and inform everyone about Yoba’s adventures as well as make this a personal blog about my life as well (don’t roll your eyes please).I think it will be more interesting and also get me more personally invested into this blog to do it this way. I also realized that I love to ramble when I write, so I’m going try my best to condense my long stories so that you twitter and facebook users don’t achieve immediate ADHD.

Let’s begin. In the previous post, I believe I had just met with m&a architects and Sullivan Builders for a 50% complete design meeting. It was very productive and both sides were able to understand each others ideas and how the direction of the store should be headed. Well we all met again this past Wednesday to go over the 90% complete design which I can say am extremely excited about. It is quite difficult for me to explain in word what the store well eventually look like (my writing skills are really poor), but I can best describe the look as modern, contemporary, and something that came out of a GQ magazine. Although final materials are still up in the air, it’s looking like a mix of bamboo, maple, granite, and a lot of white will be used. Our logo will be the only color seen in the store and I believe will be a good contrast to the otherwise very clean look I am going for. In the upcoming week, ground should finally be broken to begin plumbing and electrical work while we wait for our expedited building permit to get through Greene County. All in all, I am really hopeful and quite confident for a grand opening sometime in November.

These past few weeks have been quite busy for me. My girlfriend, Kim, recently moved to Portland, Maine for pharmacy school so we decided to make her move into a week-long east coast trip. We first headed up New Jersey to visit some of her family and made a stop in NYC which I fell in love with immediately. Did some wonderful shopping in Soho and ate some decent Chinese food in Chinatown. I realized that Dim Sum and the majority of restaurant Chinese food have all become quite bland to me. I can’t really taste the difference between the ‘good’ and the ‘ok’ anymore. Same with sushi, it all tastes the same when you end up dipping it with soy sauce and wasabi (again I’m rambling). After two days, we drove up to Portland, Maine which in itself is a beautiful city. The best way to describe the city is to imagine the Oregon District in Dayton, OH. and just multiply it by like 50. Every street and every corner is filled with great little restaurants and unique shopping. Known for it’s foodie scene, all the restaurants earned great reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon and I can’t wait to try them all. By the way, we ended up buying some lobster at $3.99 a pound, $3.99!!!, and cooked them up with some ginger and it was delicious. Maine is the definitely the place to get your seafood on.

That’s all the stuff that’s been exciting in my life lately. Had a great bbq with some good friends this past weekend and looking forward to more good times this weekend. Otherwise, my mind, soul, and hands are always busy with Yoba Frozen Yogurt and in 2 months and counting I hope you can join me in tasting some delicious tart frozen yogurts and bubble teas.

Thanks all,


Yoba ‘Just Enjoy

On my Agenda:

  • Happy Birthday to my little brother, Peter, who turned the sweet 16 yesterday on 09/09/10.
  • A final design meeting should be occurring next week and I have some pictures of the current store front that I will upload to the boring facebook page.
  • This Saturday #19 Penn State v. #1 Alabama. We Are….Penn State!! (Please don’t let my JoePa craziness keep you from coming to the store in Buckeye Nation. I will tone it down.)
  • NFL just kicked off last night and looking forward to a great Bengals season, although they have an insanely difficult schedule and I predict a 9-7 season with a wildcard birth.

2 Responses to "Let’s Begin"

Good to hear everything going well Will. I can’t wait to start working hahaha. On the dimsum note, NYC’s dimsum is definitely better than any dimsum in Ohio. There are so many different varieties. We need to make a trip to Maine before you get all busy with business (but again you can count on your future pretty employee to watch the store while you visit Kim *lmao*). Anywho keep it up with the blog, you’re doing great ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for the comments Joanne!It took me awhile to figure out who left the comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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