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It’s November!!

Posted on: October 29, 2010

Ok, it’s almost November. Nevertheless, I’m sure everyone has missed me immensely and has been eagerly awaiting a new post on this blog. At least my mom has. I am again sitting here in an extremely busy Panera Bread eating my lunch and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. I have tried starting blog posts at home, but I don’t seem to get any writing inspiration unless I’m at Panera. I think it’s the soup or most likely it’s my smelly room. Anyways, so much has happened since my last post so I think I’m just going to get started. I also again like to say hello to all the new readers and to refer you guys to the first post and read on from there. The writing gets perpetually worse as you continue. Don’t worry its part of the plan.

So I finally have an official date for Yoba Frozen Yogurt’s grand opening!! November 19th, 2010, the day before the tree lighting ceremony at the Greene Town Center!! Sullivan Builders have been going lights out on the construction process and store is really coming along. I would like to give a quick shout-out to Ken, Ward, Matt, Glen, Tony, and the construction crew for all of their hard work. It’s much appreciated. The build-out should be finished in about 2 weeks and I have to have all the equipment moved into the store by November 12th to get ready for the final health inspection. It’s getting so close now and I of course am getting so extremely nervous.

Why am I nervous? Thanks for asking. I think the thing that worries me the most right now is a re-occurring thought of: Can I do this? What am I doing? Just quit, this is absolutely crazy, you’re going to fail!!! However as each day goes by and the small pieces are getting put together, I’m gaining a little bit more confidence as the opening date approaches. This week has been such a great week in terms of what has been accomplished. Credit card merchant services are finalized, Greene County health inspection of the plans has finally been approved, fruit supply has been finalized, signs have been finalized, and another batch of interviews has been conducted. The upcoming weeks are going to be even more hectic but just as rewarding from here on out.

I probably will never be completely comfortable until the store finally opens however. No matter how many financial projections you make, no matter how ready you feel you are, there is always the possibility that this business can fail. It can be a very hopeless feeling, but you know what? I will never ever regret this path that I chose. I have learned so much these past 6 months that no other job, no other experience would have taught me.  This entire business has completely changed my life and my outlook on everything forever. I’m sure this is a cliché, but if you ever have an idea or a goal in mind to accomplish, no matter how ridiculous that goal is, I think you have to go for it. I’m not going to lie, it will take hard work and self-dedication, but I think having that regret of not going for it when you could have will be just as hard.

Ok, enough of the deep thoughts and life assessments. I will be posting pictures of the build-out on Yoba Frozen Yogurt’s Facebook Page. If you are not a fan of Yoba on Facebook yet, please “like it”!! Honestly being a fan of Yoba Frozen Yogurt doesn’t do anything except make me feel a little better about myself so please boost my ego a little bit! Spread the word and hopefully you will be able to enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt and bubble teas in less than a month.

Thanks All,


Yoba `Just Enjoy

On my Agenda:

  • My friend Miles had his annual Halloween Party last weekend and of course as usual it was a good time.
  • Happy Birthday is also in order for Miles. Let’s just say he’s not getting any younger.
  • Penn State v. Michigan this weekend. I just want to see an adequate performance please Joe Paterno!
  • Also a quick thank you and shout-out to JennaClaire Handbags Studio, my future neighbors at the Greene. Daina and Jenna were extremely nice and welcoming and I’m looking forward to moving in next to you guys!



2 Responses to "It’s November!!"

Thanks for the backhanded birthday wish lol. I look forward to reading your long-winded rambling blogs in the future. No seriously it’s absolutely fascinating knowing that you are typing at a Panera.


With utmost sincerity and respect,

I honestly can’t wait for Yoba to open because then Dayton will FINALLY have a great & healthy Fro-Yo place! The good thing is you pretty much own the Fro-Yo market in this area because there are no other Fro-Yo places (like Pinkberry & Yogurtland) around here.
So…I’m excited & can’t wait. I’ve definitely told my co-workers about it as well! 🙂

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