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Almost there..

Posted on: November 9, 2010

Wow, opening day is around the corner and I just realized it yesterday. I was talking to one of my suppliers who was anxious about getting the equipment into the store on time. I told him to relax and that we weren’t going to open until November 19th which was when we both paused and realized that was less than 2 weeks away. Subsequently, we both had a severe panic attack.

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather this week in Dayton, OH. From here on out, I am planning on updating this blog AT LEAST once a week and hopefully I will follow through with that. Writing on this blog is actually quite therapeutic in that I can actually sit down and organize all my thoughts on what has been accomplished and also reaffirm what all needs to be finished by opening day. The construction crew from Sullivan Builders has been absolutely amazing and they are working incredibly hard. So far all the framing has been done, the walls in the back kitchen have been painted and are ready to go, the bamboo ceiling is in the process of being put up with light fixtures being mounted, and the glass store front should begin installation by tomorrow. It is just stunning to see what was just an empty space a month ago turn into this modern, unique, and simple design right before my eyes.

Now I have recently been receiving numerous questions about the concept of Yoba Frozen Yogurt and I realized I have not formally introduced our menu and what makes Yoba different. So first and foremost let me reveal the frozen yogurt flavors that will be available on opening day.

  • Yoba’s Original Tart
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Peach Mango
  • Green Tea

We have over 40 delicious toppings available for any of your favorite frozen yogurt flavors as well!

Of course we will also specialize in bubble tea smoothies. I have been to numerous bubble tea shops and I realized that the vast majority used a flavored powder mixed with ice and sweetener to make the smoothie. You can tell because if you let the smoothie sit for more than 5-10 minutes, separation of the powder and water occur. Yoba Frozen Yogurt will be different in that our bubble teas will contain a mixture of our signature frozen yogurt, fresh-cut fruit, and of course a delicious bottom later of tapioca boba. You can mix and match your favorite fruits to make your own signature bubble tea. Yoba will only carry the freshest of produce however, so there may be times when your favorite fruit may not be in season or just not available.

Again, I will be updating this blog on a more consistent basis from here on out. I would like to thank everyone for the continued interest in the process so far and again invite any new readers to also start from the first post of this blog to see what a journey it has been. I will also be providing more information on our November 19th open soon!!



Yoba`Just Enjoy

On my Agenda:

  • A shout-out to Joe Paterno who just won his 400th game with Penn State this past weekend.
  • An early Happy Bday to my friend Sharie whose turning the big 22.
  • Manny Pacquiao’s big fight is this Saturday. He is just an amazing athlete.
  • The Greene’s Tree Lighting Ceremony is scheduled for 11/20. Although I have never been, I have heard it is a great event. Hopefully Yoba will be open by then 🙂
  • Don’t forget to ‘like’ the Facebook Page for Yoba Frozen Yogurt. Also any comments and suggestions are always welcome!!





3 Responses to "Almost there.."

So excited!!!!

I knew that I can’t make to the opening day, I please post a lot of pictures, I hope I will be soon….can’t wait to see it.

I am sooooo excited! I had yogurt at a place called Iceberry in Georgetown in DC and it was soooo good. Your place sounds similar. May I suggest Honeydew as one of your seasonal flavors. They had it and it was delicious! Will definately be trying Yoba’s!

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