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Complete and Utter Chaos

Posted on: November 18, 2010

If I could describe myself with just one word tonight I think “tired” would be appropriate. It has been an extremely long few days now, but I’m also so extremely excited that opening day is just around the corner. Now you may all now be wondering when this supposed opening day is. I’m going to announce a tentative date for a “soft open” this coming Saturday, November 20th. I know, I know it should be a more concrete date and not be described as “tentative” but let me explain.

During this entire construction process, our goal was to open before the tree lighting ceremony at The Greene on November 20th. The goal was to actually open in September, but as some may know about these build-outs, September slowly changes to October, which then rapidly flings itself into November. So here we are on November 17th and the following things have just either been recently finished, or are in the process of completing:

  • Final Plumbing permit was approved last night
  • Electrical Permit was approved today
  • Life Safety, HVAC, and overall Building permits will be inspected tomorrow morning
  • If those ALL pass, Health Inspection will occur Thursday afternoon
  • Which will then give me a proper day on Friday to get ready for operation

Now this will have to mean that everything and I really mean everything goes according to plan. Right now the store is this close (imagine my pointer finger and thumb being really close to each other) to being completed, our equipment arrived late last week, and our first supply order will be coming in tomorrow afternoon. Everything is coming together here at the end and it’s definitely looking like it will be a photo finish.

I truly hope you will all come out on November 20th (hopefully) and try some of our delicious frozen yogurt and bubble tea. Yoba Frozen Yogurt will do everything in it’s power to make the experience a memorable one. I also look forward to meet all of you reading this blog (hi mom!) and also all of the Facebook fans so far. I know this blog post is a little short compared to my previous novels, but I just wanted to get this information to you all and also let you know if there are any changes to the schedule in the near future.



Yoba Frozen Yogurt

On my Agenda:

  • I would like to thank my friends Thi and Dau for helping me out today. We spent several hours at The Greene today waiting for a shipment that never arrived. Thanks guys, definitely appreciated it!
  • Also Happy early Birthday shout-out to Thi whose turning ** in a few days.
  • Also want to thank Sullivan Builders who have been absolutely wonderful in the process.
  • Also please ‘like’ the Facebook page for more concise information, pictures, and other news!


1 Response to "Complete and Utter Chaos"

I wish I can ge there for the opening :((, but if I can, I may stop by next Tuesday when I on my way to Columbus.

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