Yoba Frozen Yogurt

A Snowy Wednesday…

Posted on: December 1, 2010

I don’t know why, but it has been extremely hard to begin writing this new post. Usually I can hammer these out in less than an hour, but I think for this one, I have at least tried to start three separate times to no avail. However this time, I am determined to finish even if this post becomes incoherent and generally sloppy. I apologize in advance.

I’m here at Yoba Frozen Yogurt sitting on the lighted staircase staring out at our first snowfall of the year which is always very peaceful, until you get on I-675 and all the other roads with maniac drivers. I think I almost got into an accident twice this morning because of someone driving just a little too fast on the slippery roads. I usually enjoy the first snowfall of the year and then immediately look forward to spring, but right now I hate it. There has been very few customers today and the Greene overall seems extremely slow. It was quite a bit busier yesterday, although the steady drizzle of rain that came though the mid-west did not help too much. Therefore, I finally have a little time to sit here and concentrate on completing this post once and for all.

I’m sure most of you reading this are wondering how business has been over the past few days. Well, we are hanging in there. I completely understood that when I signed the lease at an outdoor mall setting like the Greene, that the winter months would prove to be difficult. However, I have been pleasantly surprised how much business we have generated over the past few days with limited marketing and advertising as well as trying to fight through this weather. By no means am I saying that we are currently extremely busy and that we are already profitable, but I think I can confidently say that we have been serving an excellent product and that the vast majority of our customers were happy with their purchase. With our limited exposure and again limited marketing, the best we can hope for is the best advertising of them all, word of mouth. I am a member of www.yelp.com, which is basically a website for foodies to review their favorite restaurants and other consumer related items. Well I am happy to say that Yoba Frozen Yogurt has received 4 reviews with all of them being 5-star reviews. I hope to continue this trend with excellent customer service and of course delicious frozen yogurt and bubble teas.

Otherwise, I don’t have much of a personal life besides being here at Yoba Frozen Yogurt. I usually get to the store around 9-10am and don’t get home until 11pm to sleep. However I still wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else right now. I am loving the challenge in building this business from scratch and hopefully one day I can be proud of the results (although that day right now seems a long way off). I really don’t have much else to write about, it was tough to get to this point as it is. I broke my iphone 3gs yesterday morning when I got water all over it while washing some dishes. $200 dollars later and I am a (not so proud) owner of an iphone 4. I think it’s because the iphone 4 is the EXACT SAME phone as the iphone 3gs except it looks a little different, seems extremely fragile, has a brighter screen, and a better camera. I guess I am just a little frustrated that I had to spend that money on something that I already had. Ok, enough of my venting in this post. I hope you all enjoy this winter wonderland and drive safely in the weather. Yoba Frozen Yogurt will be open from 11am-10pm mon-thrs, 11am-11pm on Friday and Saturday, and 12pm-9pm on Sunday. I hope to see you around!



Yoba Frozen Yogurt

On my Agenda:

  • Serve some awesome Frozen Yogurt and Bubble Teas
  • Really nothing much else. I’m pretty boring right now.

2 Responses to "A Snowy Wednesday…"

Hey, I just found out about Yoba by stumbling across a review of it on Yelp, and I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am to discover that there’s a pinkberry-like froyo place in the Dayton area now! And when I read that you serve bubble tea as well, I practically fell off my chair. I’m originally from the NJ/NY area, and there’s so many food items you can get there that you just can’t get around here, so I’m really happy you opened up Yoba! I can’t WAIT to try it out!

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been to Yoba twice and I’ve loved it both times! We have been waiting for so long for a good frozen yogurt and bubble tea place and now they are one in the same! Yay! It’s nice not to have to drive an hour to get some! The boba are perfect–not too hard and not too soft! Over- or under-cooked boba is the worst! I love all the add-ins you guys have! I hope business keeps going well for you! Take care!

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