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We’ve been iced

Posted on: February 1, 2011

Since I spend so much of my time here at Yoba Frozen Yogurt twiddling my thumbs you would think that I would get to update this blog a little more often. Alas I don’t, because I might be one of the biggest procrastinators ever created. I also spend a lot of my time on this new website called Facebook.  To fill you in on this new phenomenon, Facebook is an effective tool to use in order to stalk unassuming friends as well as creating a virtual social network in which you will never ever be in need of real human connection ever again! Replacing my real friends are instead these pictures of them filled with whimsical quotations and awards which are handed out for effective farming techniques and mafia assassinations. Seriously though, imagine if you could travel back in time 10 years (I heard the technology will be available in 2015 via a flying Delorean) and were to explain to your past-self how you would spend a considerable portion of your day on a social networking website reading status updates of inane observations from your friends. I would seriously look at my present self and question my future man-hood while quickly learning how to code internet things.

Wow, what a weird way to start this blog after almost a month of negligence. If you are all reading from somewhere here in the mid-west, I assume that the title of this blog post makes some sense as it seriously looks like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude outside (you know, the one from Superman II, the movie). With the weather like it is, I figured this was as good a time as any to hammer out another Pulitzer winning post from yours truly (as I hope you can tell, I’m also feeling even more sarcastic today than usual). January here at Yoba Frozen Yogurt has finished off well and my confidence level has increased significantly since my first post of the year. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is a marathon race and not to look at it as a 100m sprint. But enough about the business, it’s boring to write about sometimes and I assume even more dull to read. Since I do spend alot of the time here at Yoba by myself, it’s been a great time to catch up on some reading that I have been putting aside. So since I just finished a book today, I thought I would write a book review.

Now, a year and a half ago I decided to run the USAF half-marathon here in Dayton, OH. This was my first long-distance run besides several 5k’s that I happen to do a few times a year (at most).  While training with my friend Joel, who is an avid marathon runner, told me to pick up a book called “Born to Run”, a non-fiction about an indigenous tribe in Mexico called the Tarahumara who are lauded for their super-human long-distance running feats.

A collection of ridiculous runners in 280 pages of inspiration.

The author, Christopher McDougall, starts off the book with a simple question. Why does my feet hurt? This hit me right from the start, because it is the same question I ask myself every time I lace up my pair of running shoes. It usually is just a matter of time during my training when some part of my body tells me to stop. McDougall does an excellent job weaving in a story about a mysterious American by the name of Caballo Blanco living with the Tarahumara and organizing a 50 mile race between some of the world’s best ultra-marathoners against the best of the the Tarahumara. Within this story, McDougall expertly fills the pages with antidotes of sports science, on how humans are genetically natural-born runners, how running shoes are a curse to the modern runner, and how the diets’ of the Tarahumara fuel their endurance and the evidence behind it. Throw in a collection of stories on Scott Jurek, the Jordan of ultra-marathoners, as well as other world-class athletes, and if you’re not blown away with inspiration then your’re either Scott Jurek or just really hard to impress.

I’ve got a few other books here stashed away that I have been needing to catch up on. I might do some of these book reviews every now and then but probably only if they really blow me away. I just need some more ideas to inspire me to update this blog more frequently. I might also try to update this blog more frequently with some shorter posts and pictures in between these long posts. Speaking of pictures, I think it be nice if this blog included some. So below is just a picture of our counter and back wall. I think if I can scrounge up all the pictures that I have, I will have a blog post consisting of before and after pictures of our store.

Finally as usual, if you want to know more about our concept you can ‘like’ our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoba-Frozen-Yogurt/117673521617757 as well as read our reviews or review us at http://www.yelp.com/biz/yoba-frozen-yogurt-dayton.



Yoba Frozen Yogurt

On my Agenda,

  • My friend Joel, I believe also wrote a little review of “Born to Run” on his blog which I linked to previously. So basically if you’re an avid runner or just interested in what the human body is possible of, read the book!
  • Super Bowl this Sunday. Whose you’re pick? I’m going with the Green Bay Packers. With the youth and skill of this team and Aaron Rodgers leading this way, the Packers are going to be compete for a couple more Super Bowls after this one too.
  • Anyone eat-out during Dayton’s Restaurant Week last week? I only had time to go to Carver’s Steak & Chops which was delicious as usual. Definitely a lot of great local Dayton flavors that participated and I hope go to a few more next time around.

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y no update. ill call u this sunday see if u can play bball

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