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It’s about time…

Posted on: March 31, 2011

Yes, I know, it’s been 2 months since my last post which is just far too long for this blog. However I have my (poor, very, very poor) excuses which you will slowly find out as you read through this post. Also, since I’m just really unsure on how to begin or what to even write about since so much has happened these last few months I’m just going to let my fingers start clicking and see what we end up with at the end.

Let’s start with a little bit of the business side of things here first. It’s finally spring, although the weather really hasn’t improved all that much sans a few warm days here and there. To celebrate we introduced two new flavors in the middle of last week, Blueberry Acai and Mandarin Orange, which replaced our Peach Mango and Raspberry Pomegranate flavors. Now to answer a lot of the questions about if the old flavors will ever make a return, yes they will! We know that each flavor has its contingency of fans and we work so hard to develop them that we can’t retire them indefinitely. They will be back along with an array of new flavors that we are always working on. I personally really love our two new flavors with the Blueberry Acai having that extra tart kick and the Mandarin Orange tasting extremely refreshing. I would love to hear your opinions on our new flavors and we’re always open to suggestions of any new flavors that you would like to see.

Also this past week we made a new menu board that introduces our new ‘mini’ size as well as emphasizing our smoothie line. We have received numerous (and I really mean numerous) requests to have a smaller size than our small and I think our ‘mini’ size fills that void and it has been very popular especially if you just want that little taste of yogurt to settle that craving for Yoba.  Our new menu also highlights the delicious smoothies that we make. Originally, it was advertised as a bubble tea and either 1) people didn’t know what a bubble tea was or 2) they were disappointed that it was a smoothie and not an authentic bubble tea or ‘nai cha’ in Chinese.

Let me go into a little detail on how our version of bubble tea came into play. As a kid, my parents would take us up to Chicago routinely for weekend getaways and being that we are Chinese, of course Chinatown was always a necessary stop during our trip. Well tucked in a little corner of the shopping complex in Chinatown was this bubble tea shop called Joy Yee’s. What they specialized were bubble tea smoothies with real fresh (and I mean really fresh) fruit smoothies with tapioca boba layered on the bottom. They were delicious and it was always a real treat to get one during the dreaded 5 hour romps shopping through Chinatown.  You could get these smoothies in any sort of fruit and they had everything and it was always, always fresh! I still vividly remember my mom or dad handing me my order and thoroughly enjoying every sip. However I think these childhood memories also ruined my experience in just about any other bubble tea shop in the USA. I have noticed that the majority of bubble tea shops use an artificial powdered substance to enhance their bubble teas. Ask yourself this the next time you order a Taro, Lychee, or any other exotic bubble tea. How in the world can they get these products fresh and how in the world are they making it into teas and not smoothies? Very likely their buying these powdered mixes from some website like BobaTeaDirect, mixing it with some water, sweetener, adding the important boba and selling it for $3.75. You can get recipes like that all over the internet.

So when I decided to open up Yoba Frozen Yogurt, I knew we had to have a fresh bubble tea smoothie on the menu and resist from using anything artificial. Using my experiences from Joy-Yee’s as an inspiration and putting our own spin on it, we decided to let the customer dictate the experience. You choose your favorite flavor of our signature frozen yogurt and your favorite fresh fruits and we’ll do everything else. It’s delicious, healthy, and just a refreshing treat. If you’re not a big fan of the tapioca boba, get your smoothie without it, it’s your drink and we can make it however you want.

I still constantly get questions from some of our regulars and huge bubble tea aficionados if we will ever be serving a real milk bubble tea. I will always say yes it is possible that one day we will add that to the menu. However what I won’t do is add something to the menu that is not of quality and that I personally will not eat on a regular basis. I pride myself over the fact that everything coming out of Yoba is of the absolute best quality. For example, I go shopping for fruit several times a week purchasing only the best of the selections and we never have more than a few days worth of fruit inventory at any time. Its practices like these that I hope can equate to the customers that we care and our proud about every single product that we are serving.  May we eventually carry a milk bubble tea? Yes, but only when we are able to make one that first of all tastes great, and secondly we can make efficiently and with only the best of products available. It just has to be something that we will be proud to serve.

Ok, enough of the business side of things, it’s been awhile and I’m assuming everyone wants to know what’s been up with me (just nod your head. thanks.) Well my last update was February 1st, so let’s start from there. Finally took a weekend off during the middle of February to go up to Chicago with my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. Of course we had to make a stop (or two) at Joy-Yee’s for some dinner and bubble tea. Also did some shopping and caught a comedy show as well. However my mind was still forever attached to what was going on at the store and of course the weekend that I leave happens to be the busiest weekend we had to that point. My employees were absolutely wonderful and when I got back on Sunday, everything was in good shape.  Otherwise, the majority of my life is still being situated here at Yoba Frozen Yogurt. My employees have been picking up the slack for me as I have been able to have a day or two off every now and then which is just a luxury that I didn’t appreciate just a year ago.

Actually I thought this part of the post would be pretty long as well, until I realized I don’t have much else going on in my life. Just not a lot of time for a social life these past few months and each week is just flying by. Looking forward to finally getting into spring season as I had this date marked on my calendar a year ago. I think this is the end of this post, as always I will say that I will try to update on a weekly basis, but as you might know now that is sometimes an empty statement. Again, if you haven’t checked out Yoba Frozen Yogurt and want to read other peoples insight about the store check out our yelp reviews at http://www.yelp.com/biz/yoba-frozen-yogurt-dayton. Also we have our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/YobaFrozenYogurt which you can check out for more up to date information.



Yoba Frozen Yogurt

On my Agenda:

  • Speaking of Joy Yee’s. They are not tucked into some corner anymore, over the past few years that have grown incredibly in Chicago  and have opened numerous restaurants all over. I recommend you try them all especially one that is called Joy Yee Plus Shabu Shabu, a hot pot restaurant. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Red’s opening day today. Looks like a good team all around, although I worry about Scott Rolen lasting through the whole season and some of the shoulder injuries on the pitching staff. It’s Jay Bruce’s year though.
  • Wow, Butler in the Final Four again. Even though I’m a Wright State alum, I have to give Butler their credit. Unbelievable team and an amazing coach in Brad Stevens.
  • Parmida Home Concepts is opening across from us this Saturday, April 2nd. Big grand opening celebration and their store looks very nice.
  • Joya’s Bistro adjacent to us is also opening next week on April 6th. Been looking forward to their store opening for a long time now.
  • I’m hungry.



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Hi my name is Josh, and it is my girlfriend’s bday soon and I would love to get her a YOBA gift card, but I called and heard they aren’t in yet. Is there any way you could hook me up with one soon? I was just wondering.



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